Dan is a qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor.

Dan is passionate about helping people improve their body awareness and learn to support themselves through healthy movement whilst having fun in the process. With focus on functional core stability, breath and balance, Dan’s sessions are always interesting, challenging and intuitive.

Growing up in Tasmania gave him a love for a natural way of living but it was his time in Sydney where he honed his craft as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. After completing his Physiotherapy degree Dan spent 2 years training as a Pilates instructor in a dance and rehab focussed Physiotherapy practice in the north of Sydney. After 12 years in the big smoke he made the decision to move to the Northern Rivers where he has set up practice offering his Pilates and Physiotherapy expertise at Core Studio.

A session with Dan will remind you that there is more to the body than muscles and bones and more than one way to approach the process of building strength and core stability. His compassionate, intuitive nature complements his skill for understanding how movement can create strength and stability in the human structure.

Dan is available for sessions Tuesday – Friday at Core Studio.