Reformer Classes in Byron Bay


*** Please note all our reformer classes are currently full. If you would like to go on a waiting list please contact the corresponding teacher. Thank you!

Tuesday 7am-7:55am Molly  (0419 425 519)

Tuesday 8am-8:55am  Molly (0419 425 519)

Thursday 6am-6:55am Molly  (0419 425 519)

Thursday 7am-7:55am Molly  (0419 425 519)

Thursday 8:30am-9:25am Molly (0419 425 519)


*** Bookings are required for all reformer classes

Please choose the class that best suits you and contact the corresponding teacher directly to check for availability (classes are filling up fast!!). You must have prior experience on the reformer to join a class. If you have no prior experience but would love to start doing some classes, please book in for an Introductory session with one of our teachers 🙂

What is a reformer class?

A fun and challenging full body workout using our favourite Pilates apparatus the ‘reformer’. The reformer is a unique piece of pilates equipment that allows the body to work against resistance springs creating length, strength and flexibility. Follow us on Instagram to see some of the moves you’ll be doing in your class (corestudiobyronbay).

  • Please note reformer classes are only appropriate if you are injury free. If you are currently recovering from a recent injury, please book a session with one of our Physiotherapists.

We look forward to seeing you on the reformer 🙂